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Old 12-30-2008, 11:57 AM
Posts: n/a 30C 6500 “Ready to Run” Complete Kit

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MaxAmps 30C 6500 “Ready to Run” Kit

Name:  6500_30C_7.4V_Brushless_RTR_Kit.jpg
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Size:  255.8 KB introduces the ultimate “Ready to Run” lipo kit for RTR’s like the Traxxas VXL Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, and Slash. This new kit boasts a 30C constant 6500mah pack for the highest capacity pack available to fit standard 10th scale battery trays with no modifications.

Lipo 6500 2S 7.4V Pack
• 45+mph in most brushless setups(7.4 Volts)
• 39 minutes average runtime(6500mah Capacity)
• 45mm X 137mm X 25mm
• 30C Constant(195 amps)
• 327 grams
• Plug and Play for any vehicle(no soldering required)

Hyperion EOS0606i AC/DC Balance Charger
• Charges NIMH, NICD, Lipo & A123
• Comes with Integrated LBA Balancer
• Also includes Hyperion 2S-6S Multi-Adapter
• 1-14 NIMH-NICD, 1-6 Lipo, 1-6 A123 cells
• Up to 6 amp charge rate
• This charger balances your pack while it's charging.

Of course, the AC/DC part means that you can charge directly from an AC wall supply or from a 12V DC battery/power supply.

Fire resistant Lipo Sack 9" X 12"
Use this product while charging, storing or transporting a lipo battery pack. The use of a Lipo Sack does not guarantee protection of surrounding surfaces. It is simply intended to mitigate the effects of a battery failure during charging or after a crash. MaxAmps takes no responsiblilty for effectiveness of the lipo sack. Never charge unattended. Always keep your lipo packs in a fireproof container in addition to the lipo sack.

As with all MaxAmps packs, you choose your plug, tap, and wire options and your pack is built to order within 24-48 hours of placing your order on the website at
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Old 12-30-2008, 03:18 PM
hotrodredneck hotrodredneck is offline
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Whats the price on this set up? I ordered it last night, but not as a package
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Old 12-30-2008, 05:34 PM
Kden46 Kden46 is offline
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Looks like a $30 savings over buying individually.
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Old 12-30-2008, 06:36 PM
Sorcerer001 Sorcerer001 is offline
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Almost 30 years in the hobby, I've never loved it more! 39 minute run time with an electric vehicle!!! The bummer is, anyone just now breaking in to RC will never fully appreciate how profound this is. It wasn't long ago that we were struggling to complete four minutes in mod.
Oh, and I know we've had LiPos capable of this for a while, but seeing a manufacturer mention this in an ad just got me excited all over again. And at a fair price!
I've been running my rock crawler on a Thunder Power 1320 mAh 3 cell pack for a few months, I'm usually able to pull down around 30 minutes. To you other "veteran" rc guys - could you imagine having this kind of performance back when we were kids? Being able to run your Frog out in the street for longer than 4-5 minutes? That's assuming you'd upgraded to all the Thorp tranny gear, lol.
I ran in a Slash racing series recently, and while practicing one night I realized that over the course of five hours at the track, I'd spent nearly 4 hours actually out ON the track. That's probably a month's worth of practice back in the day (prior to LiPos), and 99.9 percent of that was sag-free. Granted, that's running the stock Titan, but still a blast.
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Old 12-30-2008, 06:50 PM
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Dan H Dan H is offline
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Yup, lipos is what made me come back to electric RC's. I was fed up with having to "maintain" NICD/NIMH batteries that will eventually wear out and the cost to stay competitive.
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