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Old 10-18-2006, 04:17 PM
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Icare Plettenberg, Predator 30-8 Brushless Motor

The latest from Icare:

Largest ever made RC electric motor…finally, a real answer for large scale airplane applications!!!

Designed to fly model airplanes weighting in between 30-65 pounds on 10 to 14 LiPo cells, the Predator is born from intensive R&D with new ideas in mind. With triple ball bearing, 20 poles, and integral prop adapter, the Predator 30-8 will swing props up to 30", and develop up to 12.5kW of pure power!

The Predator was used very successfully in a Composite ARF Yak 55, with an all up weight of over 30 lbs, on 14S3P Kokam 9600mAh cells, pulling 220Amps peak, while spinning a RASA 26 x 12 propeller.

The new Predator 30-8 will raise the bar, and set a new standard in electric power.

Part Number; Plettenberg Predator 30-8
List Price; $ 1082.00 US
Due In stock; Available imediately !


Motor Diameter: 103 mm (4.055 in)
Motor Length: 74.5 mm (2.993 in)
Maximum Input Power: 12 KW
Weight: 1550 g, 55oz (including prop adapter)
Kv : 160 rpm/V
Suited for 10 – 14 LiPo batteries
Suited for 26 x 12 to 30 x 12 prop sizes
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